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How a Gallery Operates and How to Get In

Saturday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, Mar 10 – Mar 17

2 weeks

Class coming soon to Arts on the Lake

Knowledge is Power

One of the seemingly mysterious elements of being an artist is understanding the why’s, why not’s and how’s of this business. Calling it a business disturbs the notion most artists have of participating in an idealistic endeavor where making art and seeing art is elevated to almost magical proportions. However for a gallery, regardless of their specialty, seeing and evaluating the outcome of an artist’s effort must be considered on multi levels to have any chance of success both for the gallery and the artists that they represent.


This 2 session (2 weeks), 10 hour workshop will look into how a gallery actually operates. The first week we will take a close look at the structure of a gallery and the typical arrangements with their artists. Every gallery shares common concerns for their survival which every artist should be aware of and will also be discussed.


The second week of the class will go through the process of presenting your work to a gallery: what materials are required and the intricacies of developing a rapport as a first step of introduction. This course will actually take you through the process pf presenting your work beginning to end to maximize the possibility of success through the process.


The class will meet on Saturday mornings, March 10 and March 17 from 10 - 3 pm.

Tuition: $160.00  Public  
  $140.00  Members  

About the Instructor  

Tony Carretta

Tony Carretta, is an artist and gallery owner who has been involved with major New York galleries for over 25 years. Carretta’s work can be found in a number of major collections such as the National Gallery, The Smithsonian, The Corning Museum and The White House. His gallery has shown works from noted American and European artists such as Sol Lewitt and Bernard Chaet. These rich experiences of being both a successful artist and gallery owner have provided him with a deep understanding of the art gallery industry. His book, Studio to Wall: The Commerce of Art was just recently published.