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Art and Culture Lecture Series

Monday, November 16, at 7:00 pm

Monday, January 4, at 7:00 pm

Monday, March 1, at 7:00 pm


Coming soon to Arts on the Lake

A series of virtual lectures presented by Alex Shundi

Arts on the Lake presents a series of seven week lecture courses given by Alex Shundi. Shundi is an internationally known artist, teacher and author whose depth of knowledge and experience brings a broad understanding of culture and history to these subjects. 

These lectures are presented virtually on the Zoom platform. Once registered, links for each session are sent out on the day of the lecture. Participants become "classmates" and are encouraged to offer questions and insights. The sessions are recorded and made available as soon as possible following the particular session.


Click on the titles below for more details and registration information. Each seven week course is $90. Please register for on the web page for each series. 


Course Starting Now:


Amerindian Southwestern Pueblo art, craft, society, history, mythology-ritual, & current challenges.

 "In the magnificent landscape of the American South West there is a vibrant and ancient culture that is a continuum of millenniums of social-religious-agrarian development, still creating art and craft, perhaps at least numerically more than ever, and where its population is negotiating modernity by growing in numbers and education, while judiciously maintaining ancient traditions in attitude, language, and ritual. They live in villages nestled in the heart of ancestral lands, still paying homage to their architecture, mythology, foods and language." - Shundi  

  • Course runs Nov 16th to Dec 21st.


Future Courses Scheduled: 


Primitive Influences in Modern Art from 1860 to Today.

This course explores how "primitive" art has deeply influenced modern art, from 1860 to today.

  • Course runs January 4th to February 15th,  2021.


The Transition from Classicism to the 20th Century in Art

Examining the movement in art from Classicism to where we are today, Alex Shundi explores this fundamental transformation in the history of art and our cultures. This exploration includes the movements of Impressionism, Post Impressionism and Expressionism. 

  • Course starts March 1st ti April 12th, 2021


Courses To Look Forward To:


Composition in Art-History -

The Business of Art -

“Grand Gestures” in Current Art

Who Influenced Who and Why in Art?


Past Courses Available on YouTube:


These following lecture series are available on Arts on the Lakes Youtube channel. The first of the lectures in each series is available for free.  The cost for these courses is $85. If you would like take these courses please email Ed Durkee at


Contemporary Art

This six part virtual lecture series explores the idea that traditional art has served as a mirror revealing and commenting on our human progress, and that artists today have created an array of grand gestures encompassing new inventions and attitudes.

 The Renaissance (The Rebirth)

"The seemingly sudden cultural and social miracle that was the Renaissance was a major step into following the path that led to our times. Philosophers, architects, statesmen, an array of scientific inventions, all guided by an enlightenment in the arts, may still be seen and experienced today not only in museums and city centers, but in the very core of our social structure."  - Alex Shundi


The Figure in Modern Art

"The human figure has been the principal subject in Western art since 50,000 years ago. It is a study of ourselves, a mirror, really, and artists have used it to celebrate, study, and fantasize it, to damn it, accuse it and express love, as Gods and Goddesses, as demons and jesters, warriors and mothers, queens and paupers." - Shundi


Understanding Abstraction

Join Alex Shundi in this exploration of understanding new ways of seeing and thinking that abstraction unleashed.

"Abstraction has liberated our expressive needs and allowed for feelings and descriptions of all our senses, not limited to vision, but to objective reality, senses, and the spirit, memory and wishes, colors and the beauty of visual rhythms. "- Shundi