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Films at the Lake - Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, September 2, 2018 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Coming soon to Arts on the Lake

Day two of selected films that are being shown as part of the Village of Brewster Film Festival.


Films start at 11AM and continue all day. There are two sessions: 11-3 PM and 3 - 5 PM.


Each session is $8.


A panel on editing and post production.


There are two sessions.


We do not rate independent films, however some films do have adult language, themes and subject matter.

About the Event

Duplicity is a short narrative set in the streets of Philadelphia. The drama follows John, a well-respected police officer with questionable morals, and Caleb, a down-on-his-luck construction worker forced to revisit his old life of crime. As the story continues, the two men deal with different personal struggles at work and home, and their lives begin to intersect in unsuspecting ways.

The Prime
Lone Wolf Jeffrey McKenna lives in the cracks of an Orwellian reality where Dogma, Spirit and Ideology are heretical and forbidden. The loss of his wife Laura, who died in a world wide pandemic, still haunts him. Wondering if the whispers he hears come from God, he challenges the tenets of The Prime.

On the roadside of a country road a parked car. A lonely man unsuccessfully tries to fix the breakage, refusing the help of passing drivers. Who is that man?.. And what does he want?.. But don`t worry: he`ll get it done

Caregiver Wanted
Mr Larson, an old man recovering from a stroke, is conducting interviews for a caregiver position that he desperately needs filled. Despite it being a pressing matter, he seemingly proceeds to personally insult all candidates and heartlessly bash their CVs. At this point, it might be plausible to assume that he’s looking for something else other than hands-on experience. This short film is based on true events.

Story of Self?
What does it mean to choose, when you only have one choice? What does it mean to be unafraid, when your enemy seems undefeatable? What does it mean to have a story, when you are undocumented? This is my story of self.

Far from the Tree?
The story of a strained relationship between a mother and her teenage son as she struggles to come to terms with a past sexual assault and ultimately finds the courage to confront it.

Ode to the Singing Butler
ODE TO THE SINGING BUTLER brings to life the characters of Jack Vettriano's iconic painting, "The Singing Butler.” Told completely through movement and dance, the film explores the moments before the man and woman find themselves waltzing on the beach. With an original score by Jake Weinstein, the story follows the characters as they prepare for a picnic that will forever change their lives. This exploration inspires the audience to imagine life’s possibilities beyond one singular moment.