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Miracle of the Danube and Expression of Regret, June 3 - June 6

Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 11:59 pm


Note: Putnam Theatre Alliance Project #2 will stream June 3 thru June 6.

Arts on the Lake, the Philipstown Depot Theatre, and Tompkins Corners Cultural Center have joined together to present a series of radio plays written in 1940 with original plays written during the pandemic as on-screen readings.


This second Alliance streamed reading pairs The Miracle of the Danube by Maxwell Anderson written in 1940 with Expression of Regret written in 2021 by Christine Toy Johnson. Both directed by Jason Beckmann.


In Miracle a German soldier is on trial when faith does not align with “duty to the state” and in Expression three Chinese-American women find hope in the aftermath of 60 years of exclusion.


"Miracle of the Danube" cast: Annemette Andersen (General Merck), Sean Cleary (Major), Patrick Dunning (Lieutenant), Claudia Godi (Captain Cassell) and Joseph Somma (The Stranger).


"Expression of Regret" cast: Michelle Liu Coughlin (Judy Chu), 

Diana Huey (Robin) and Yan Xi (Tue Yee).


      Note to ticket purchasers: your ticket receipt will be dated June 6 11:59 pm. However, the viewing link which you will receive separately soon afterwards, will be good as soon as you receive it up until 11:59 on Sunday night.

      You will receive in the same email a link to the "talk-back" (with actors, director and playwright) scheduled for Sunday, evening at 8 pm.  

      Buy Tickets here or use the blue button above right.

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