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Personal Web Page


Arts on the Lake offers members at the Contributing level and above a Personal Web Page on the website.  This page can contain information about the individual such as an artist’s statement, biography, links and a limited gallery of photos.  It can be linked to the Community Artists listing on the Arts on the Lake website, saved as a favorite and provided as a website link.


Getting Started:

  1. If you have questions whether your membership qualifies for a Personal Web Page, please check with
  2. Review the sample Personal Web Page format and decide what you’d like to post.

    Questions about the Personal Web Page? Email webmaster.

  3. Create an email with the information you’d like to post on your Personal Web Page in these content areas:
    A. Listing Name as you want it to appear at the top of the page.
    B. Subheading 1 copy (optional)
    C. Subheading 2 copy (optional)
    D. Upper Section copy
    E. Brief description of main photo
    F. Lower Section copy (optional)
    G. Links (optional) that provide additional information about you
    For links include:
    URL — For example,
    Brief description of URL content — For example, Arts on the Lake website.
  4. Attach your main photo and email to  Due to the file size of photos, you will be contacted to discuss how to send gallery photos separately.


Items to Note:

  1. Arts on the Lake reserves the right of editorial control for all content on the website.
  2. Nothing is sold on a Personal Web Page and prices will not be accepted.  Links to other sites where your work may be purchased can be accepted.
  3. Arts on the Lake does not provide copyright protection for content on web pages.
  4. Your Personal Web Page will be visible to search engines and may be included in search results.
  5. Occasional updates to the content of the Personal Web Page after the initial posting will be accepted.