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All the Art = New Painting Classes - Life Drawing - Exhibitions - Lectures

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 10:30 am


Coming soon to Arts on the Lake

We are brimming with Art! Join in, take a class, see the exhibits and lecture

We are brimming with Art! Join in, take a class, see the exhibits and lecture

2 new sessions are starting for our painting classes.

If you have any interest in learning to paint, either for the 1st time or for the millionth time, this is a chance for you to jump into the highly rewarding creative art.



Painting with Elizabeth Hill - She did the painting of the war horse above! This is a wonderful class for those beginning and those who would like to learn more about materials, color, composition, history and more. Elizabeth, a highly accomplished painter, who has exhibited throughout the country,  has a devoted following of students who love her gentle way of teaching this art and have been her students for a number of years.


Intensive Painting with Alex Shundi - This is one of Alex's recent works. This class is for those intermediate and long term painters who wish to keep honing their visions and skills with a master painter and teacher. Shundi has exhibited throughout the world and has taught for over 30 years in numerous schools and institutions. His many students from current and past years constitute a group called the Reflectionists who exhibit their work at AotL at least once a year.



The Art of the Insane and Children

Alex Shundi continues his series of Art and Culture lectures with an exploration of the works of those considered outside our cultural norms. These include extremes from those considered insane, and from children who see with very different sensibilities.


Life Drawing Sessions are On-Going and bring different models in for the evenings. These sessions have allowed a great community of artists around them and created a supportive, contemplative atmosphere of serious visual explorations of the human figure.



Reflectionist Exhibition - This is an exhibition of work by the Reflectionist Group. This group has been created by students who have studied painting with Alex Shundi over many years. The exhibition is for the current and recent students of the Intensive Painting class that Shundi has taught at Arts on the Lake for the last 10+ years.



Photography Lecture - Tao and the Photographic Image
A personal and historical inquiry - Prof/Artist/Author - Bob Rogers.

A presentation by Artist/Prof. Bob Rogers- A presentation by Artist/Prof. Bob Rogers - “...Seeking the whisper of the sublime, of the spiritual and the unbidden in the ordinary has become increasingly difficult in the cacophony of contemporary life,”



 2024 Arts on the Lake Spring Art Exhibition

The Visual Arts Committee (VAC) of Arts on the Lake is hosting the 2024 Spring Art Exhibition to celebrate new works by local artists. The exhibition encourages artists of all styles and expertise to participate and is open to artists 18 years and older.