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When You Get Serious About Your Art

Sunday, June 25, 2023 at 10:00 am


Coming soon to Arts on the Lake

Tony Carretta and Alex Shundi

When You Get Serious About Your Art is a provocative title and rightly so. This workshop is designed to have artists reassess their knowledge and assumptions about the workings of the commercial aspects of the art world.  Understand the workings of the world of galleries, dealers and collectors can be intimidating and confusing.


Lead by Tony Carretta with Alex Shundi, the workshop combines Tony's experience and knowledge as a dealer, gallery owner and artist whose work is in numerous important collections including the Smithsonian American Art Gallery, with Alex's experiences as a "working" painter who has shown and taught throughout the world.


Participants will be exploring the realities involved to having your work shown and represented as well as guidance in how to navigate the steps to get there.


The Workshop will be divided into 3 sections:


Part 1: Carretta will explore with students exactly what the art market (artworld) is at anyone's level of engagement with these business and organizations.


Part 2: Artist's have many misconceptions about what makes anyone's work valuable.  Participants will learn what actually makes an artist's work valuable and an asset in that environment.


Part 3: The final section covers how to present yourself and your work to that market/ environment/ audience,  with the goal of gaining a benefit from your effort as well as engaging the viewer with your ideas and concepts. 


The cost of the 6 hour workshop is $90.  Please bring a "bag lunch."