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Westchester Spirited Drumming

Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 7:00 pm


Coming soon to Arts on the Lake

We welcome the Westchester Spirited Drumming group to Arts on the Lake.


Westchester Spirited Drumming is a group on that hosts live, free-form hand drumming and percussion. Their sessions include a wide range of non-amplified, non-kit instruments.


This group came into being in 2013 through the efforts of coordinator Jeff Poritzky, then Rick Taylor joined in 2014 and signed on as co-coordinator in 2016.


Members of the public are welcome to play at WSD drum circles. You don't have to be a master drummer to benefit from playing! In fact, simpler is often better, such as playing a heartbeat or a simple four-beat pattern.


In addition to drumming, WSD especially likes to host dancers, chanters, and anyone else who is moved by the spirit of percussion.


Drumming can have a very powerful effect when done intensely and purposefully. Rick Taylor comments:


“To me, drumming is a form of active meditation and a way to center in the heart. Adjust your speed depending on how you're feeling at the time and/or the group’s vibe, and maybe vary the pressure of the hits. Boom! Suddenly you're in a simple but irresistible groove. No advanced music degree needed, lol.”


He added, “Jeff and I have drummed a lot together, and we’ve both seen drumming affect people in remarkably deep and transformational ways. People have used vibrations from drums to express joy, process grief, get creative, communicate non verbally, or just express themselves in a fun, open manner.”


There is a suggested donation of $10 to benefit AOTL. Drumming will now be indoors in the main event room.


Further information is available through, Jeffrey Poritzky of
Westchester Spirited Drumming


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