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The “Grand Gesture” in Current Art

Monday, January 24, 2022 at 7:00 pm


Coming soon to Arts on the Lake

3rd Session on Monday 1-24-22

A six part lecture on the Zoom platform

As we are again forced to take time at home, this is the perfect way to engage your love of art!  The 3rd session of the planned 6 part series is Monday 1/24/22.  The video of the first two sessions will be available for new registrants. Sign up today. Payment is for the entire series, even though it will be a specific date listed.


This Zoom based lecture series consists of 6 weekly sessions given by Alex Shundi.  They are are Monday evenings at 7 PM.  Links are provided on the day of the session and followed during the week with a link to a video recording of the session.


The “Grand Gesture” in Current Art:

Since the easy availability of new material, easy travel, scientific discoveries, and accessibility of information, artists have gone way beyond the limits of the studio, and created some immense and ambitious works of art, jumping from the canvas or frescoed wall to miles and miles of New Zealand coast line, Alpine lakes, transforming entire bridges and buildings, canyons and deserts, the whole of Central Park NY, immense objects made of industrial detritus and transported all over the world, webs of images navigating cosmic space, volcanoes serving huge buildings to contemplate light, to fifty thousand fireworks exploding in the pattern of Botticelli’s flowers. This class will present the amazing grand-gestures that are involving, participatory, and breath-taking in scope, as well as review most laborious large art pieces throughout time around the world, many of which serving to inspire current concerns.